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Course Tour

Course Layout

1st Hole

Par 5/4 – Blue: 435yds, Briar: 420yds,  White: 405yds, Red: 368yds 

Strong opening hole that plays into the prevailing wind. Solid drive will leave a long to mid iron approach. The green is relatively flat, but has some subtle breaks. Par is a good score to start your round.

2nd Hole

Par 4 –  Blue: 270yds, Briar: 246yds, White: 261yds, Red: 216yds 

Short par 4 that is drivable for some players. The green is guarded by a bunker on the right. The green has more slope than you think. Good birdie hole!

3rd Hole

Par 4 – Blue: 329yds, Briar: 319yds, White: 319yds Red: 278yds 

Ideal drive is down the right side. This will open the green up for your second shot. The green slopes left to right and has a bunker on the left. Tricky green to read. Good Luck.

4th Hole

Par 4 – Blue: 405yds, Briar: 392yds, White: 385yds, Red: 304yds

Toughest driving hole on the course. You must be left, over by the mounds, to have a clear second shot. The willow trees on the right eat many golf balls. Your approach will be over a creek to a flat green. Take your par and run.

5th Hole

Par 4 –  Blue: 371yds, Briar: 362yds, White: 353yds, Red: 290yds

Straight away par 4 that plays into the prevailing west wind. A good drive will leave a short iron approach. The green is relatively flat with some subtle breaks. Get your birdie and move on.

6th Hole

Par 4 – Blue: 344yds, Briar: 325yds, White: 301yds, Red: 279yds

Might want to hit an iron or hybrid off this elevated tee for position. Creek in the front shouldn’t come into play with a well hit second shot. The green slopes back to front making for some interesting pin placements. Good, short par 4 hole.

7th Hole

Par 5/4 –  Blue: 486yds, Briar: 438yds, White: 400yds, Red: 317yds

Let some shaft out on this straight away par 4. Your second shot will be a mid to long iron. This green looks relatively flat, but can be the trickiest to read. Good Luck.

8th Hole

Par 3 –  Blue: 187yds, Briar: 172yds, White: 158yds, Red: 96yds

First, enjoy the view of the stone church in the background. Say a prayer that you picked the right club. The green is sloped back to front with bunkers left and right.

9th Hole

Par 5 – Blue: 587yds, Briar: 571yds, White: 509yds, Red: 471yds

Strong par 5 that is generally three shots to the green and uphill all the way. Big hitters might get there in two. The green has 2 tiers with the front portion sloping off in both directions. The top portion is flat. Pray the pin is on the flat.

10th Hole

Par 5 – Blue: 529yds, Briar: 511yds, White: 497yds, Red: 475yds

A good drive just right of the fairway bunkers on the left will set the hole up nicely. If your laying up, you will have a mid to short iron into an elevated green. The green slopes more right to left than your eyes are telling you. Good hole to start your back 9.

11th Hole

Par 3 – Blue: 195yds, Briar: 180yds, White: 159yds, Red: 118yds

The water shouldn’t be in play off the tee to this mid iron tee shot. Avoid the bunkers on the right. The green slopes slightly back to front and right to left.

12th Hole

Par 4 – Blue: 349yds, Briar: 342yds, White: 333yds, Red: 285yds

Long hitters can take it over the bunker on the left, shorter hitters stay to the right of this bunker. Short to mid iron approach. Get your birdie and move on.

13th Hole

Par 5 –  Blue: 486yds, Briar: 453yds, White: 442yds, Red: 347yds

Short par 5 with great risk reward. Going for it in two you will find a green with a false front and a small upper tier. If you lay up you will have a short iron into an elevated green. The green is the defense on this hole. Cross your fingers for a good pin position.

14th Hole

Par 3 –  Blue: 185yds, Briar: 165yds, White: 146yds, Red: 120yds

You won’t feel the wind because of the trees blocking it out, but once your ball is over the tree line it will move. The prevailing wind is right to left, but check which way the trees are blowing. Long is not and option on this hole.

15th Hole

Par 5/4 –  Blue: 487yds, Briar: 455yds, White: 413yds, Red: 309yds.

Grip it and rip it. This is a reachable par 5 if you keep it out of the pond on the right and the bunker to the left. Stay out of trouble and birdie is in play.

16th Hole

Par 4 –  Blue: 321yds, Briar: 284yds, White: 275yds, Red: 248yds

The big hitters can try and drive this green, but for the average player it is an iron or hybrid to the bottom of the hill. All the trouble is to the right, lots of room left off this tee. Short iron approach to a flat green with bunkers on right and left.

17th Hole

Par 3 –  Blue: 209yds, Briar: 202yds, White: 194yds, Red: 169yds

Strong hole that plays downwind generally. This will be a long iron or hybrid tee shot for most. The green slopes back to front. Par is a good score here.

18th Hole

Par 4 –  Blue: 384yds, Briar: 367yds, White: 357yds, Red: 292yds

Straight away finishing hole, so bomb one off the tee and leave yourself a short to mid iron into the green. Keep your tee ball out of the trees on the right and the hay on the left. This green can be very tricky so have an eye for the subtle breaks.


19th Hole

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